Economic Development Program

We encourage an entrepreneur environment of leading people to: recognize/identify opportunities, focus on impact, and create value in the community. 

The RISE, Inc. Economic Development Program (also known as EDP) is designed to package together a variety of professional services to launch small businesses in our community and beyond. RISE, Inc. believes in establishing cultural foundations that emphasize leadership, innovation, and strong operational bases for businesses and communities.

RISE, Inc. offers networking opportunities and training events that build professional communication skills, and connect small businesses with resources to apply for company partnerships and internships.

RISE, Inc. offers no-cost, personalized and confidential one-on-one consulting for start-ups, entrepreneurs and existing businesses. The focus is to help business owners create and retain jobs, attain capital and improve profitability for long-term success.

RISE, Inc. offers services and counseling ranging from job descriptions and recruitment to state policies, requirements, and mandates (Healthcare, financial / retirement). Retirement mandates shifting from 50+ to 5+ in the state. Included in this counseling are prepared workshops ready for launch in connection with mandates as well. We also offer compliance services such as tax services with one partner, enrollment agent License EA.

RISE, Inc, provides marketing consultation and basic tools to equip small businesses in planning and implementing successful marketing strategies.

In alignment with the younger generation and “Woke Culture”, the Financial Awaking program is a financial literacy and informational event to address financial security and strengthening in the Hmong Community.  Youths are paired with their parents to participate in periodic workshops with Q and A and financial tools they can take home. 

RISE, Inc. provides a business technology and educational center to bridge the equity gap in technology access for Southeast Asian business owners and community members.